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  1. You agree to accept the amount offered for your device(s).
  2. You agree that you are the legal owner of the device(s) or a legal agent acting on behalf of and with the consent of the owner.
  3. All information you have provided about your device(s) is accurate (hard drive, power adapter, all accessories, etc. are included unless otherwise specified as a defect).
  4. If upon the inspection of your device(s) it appears that the information you have provided is not accurate, we reserve the right to contact you and renegotiate the offer. Please make sure to select correct model of your device.
  5. All personal information you have provided (i.e. your name, your mailing address, your PayPal e-mail address, etc.) is accurate and will be used to send a shipping label, as well as the payment for your device(s) in the form of a PayPal disbursement or a company check.
  6. Should you take advantage of the PayPal payment option, we will transfer the exact amount quoted if the condition matches your description. PayPal may deduct a transfer fee (please check for more information). If you choose to receive a check, the check will be mailed to you within 24-48 hours after your device(s) have arrived at our location and testing is complete.
  7. You agree to send your device(s) to us within 7 days of receiving the shipping label, otherwise the shipping label might be voided and the offer may be rescinded.
  8. Shipping label will be emailed immediately after you submit an order. Check your Spam/ Junk folder if you don't see it in your INBOX.

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I Understand that I Will Receive a FREE Shipping Label and MUST PROVIDE MY OWN SHIPPING BOX AND PACKING MATERIALS.

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